Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Property: Of Business and Beach Life - Situated on the northern area of Fort Myers and west side of North Fort Myers in South Florida, the town of Cape Coral, known for its extensive shoreline with several beaches, is actually a great area for business and for those who desire a waterfront lifestyle. Aside from its amazing beaches and nearby islands, Cape Coral has approximately 400 miles of canals, which allow residents to dock their boats just beside their homes. People may perceive that living in Cape Coral comes with high expenditures, but it’s actually lower than the national median home value of $178,500, at a recorded median rate of $160,000 during the last quarter of 2014. In addition, its crime rate is 17% below the nationwide average, making it a safe place to live in. Cape Coral’s Economy In 2013, Forbes acknowledged Cape Coral as the second “Best City in the Nation for Jobs.” Its economy has seen continued growth due to commercial investment and industrial advancements. Furthermore, the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association’s 2012 Cost of Living Index stated that this city had the third best cost of living nationwide. Business owners should consider starting, expanding, or relocating to Cape Coral because of Florida’s low corporate income tax rate and lack of personal income tax, making them among the country’s leading pro-business states. These rules aim to encourage continued business evolution to simultaneously improve their economy. Thanks to all these, numerous job opportunities for different industries have become available for the growing population of skilled and educated laborers. Waterfront Lifestyle… Continue Reading
Residential Lot Loans Allow Mortgage Lenders to Assist Home Buyers - When people go on holiday, beaches tend to be on their list of places to visit. Most vacationers would check into inns or hotels to use them as a staging point, but those looking for more permanent lodgings in their favorite holiday spot might want to buy a beach house instead. Like other properties, a beach house is definitely an investment, if greater than most due to its larger expenses. Therefore, careful consideration and evaluation of the different factors involved in waterfront residential lots for sale is vital prior to closing a deal. Guidelines for Buying a Waterfront Property When looking for a property, start by doing the necessary research on the preferred area. Familiarize yourself with the entire neighborhood, its nearby establishments (e.g. restaurants, grocery stores, medical facilities), and the distance from the city. Staying in for a few days by renting a place would also ease up the research process, as homebuyers are able to interact with the locals and even their possible neighbors. Remember to consider the area’s safety for your sake and your loved ones. Seeking Professional Assistance Being a huge investment, the expertise of a real estate agent is essential to accomplishing this dream. They can provide information on the preferred location of their client such as the advantages and disadvantages of living in that area, its different weather conditions, its economy, and many more. Aside from a realtor, you should also bring in other real estate experts like home inspectors, surveyors, and contractors since they can easily determine damages requiring… Continue Reading
Promising Cape Coral Lots for Sale: Find the Right One at Peak Season - There are plenty of Cape Coral Lots for Sale due to the fact that Cape Coral is definitely at the top of many property buyers’ wish list when it comes to location. What’s not to love about Cape Coral? It’s a place seamlessly blending business and nature, not to mention its close proximity to Disneyland in Orlando. In fact, home searches in Cape Coral went up by 22 percent above the national average during January and February of 2015, showing that more people are interested in buying a home in this sunny place in Florida. Now that it’s the time of the year again when property buying is at its peak, how will you assure yourself that you’re investing in the right one among the many promising Cape Coral lots for sale? Or better yet, how can you snag that dreamy waterfront lot you’ve always dreamed of owning? The first step is always to prepare, since lack of preparation is one of the biggest mistakes most buyers make. The real estate market is ever changing, and, particularly this season, you have to be competitive if you want to get a piece of property that would best suit your preferences. You can begin your preparations by observing these simple steps. Canvassing Always Works Online listings are always the best place to start when looking for property. With all the listings available over the Internet, however, it could be tempting to completely ditch a personal inspection, and just choose one online, especially since vacant lots tend to all… Continue Reading
Selling Cape Coral Real Estate: Putting Your Best Online Foot Forward - Spring always brings along a sense of new beginnings, with trees and flowers abloom once more. Spring is also the time when the real estate market gets active and flourishing once again, particularly in places like Cape Coral. With the state of the economy improving, as shown by the creation of almost three million new jobs in the country in 2014, Cape Coral real estate sales  are poised to thrive once more. To close a profitable deal for lots, lands, and other property, however, it is important to successfully meet the challenges of effectively marketing them. Selling online has become an important part of land and lot marketing, particularly in various listings. Here are a few simple ways to help put your best foot forward when selling a lot online. The Importance of Photographs Pictures are your best friends when it comes to selling a property online. Prospective buyers will appreciate seeing a lot of them to aid in their decision-making. Buyers, residents and businesses alike, would normally want to have a clear picture of a lot’s surroundings to give them an idea on what the neighborhood is like. Developers, for instance, are likely seeking ideas and evaluating properties to come up with a plan for their next project. This means it is not enough to just snap some photos then upload them on online listings. While having a good number of pictures can call buyers’ attention, highlighting the property’s key attributes and showing them at their best will help attract the right buyers. Show off… Continue Reading
waterfront Buying a Cape Coral Waterfront Property: What Do You Need to Know? - There is a certain beauty that can be found in living near a body of water: you’re surrounded by tranquility, and you have the calming sound of the crashing waves to lull you to sleep at night. If it has been your lifelong dream to live near the sea or the lake, why not take the plunge and look among lovely Cape Coral waterfront properties for sale?     It has been proven in studies that living near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans can actually have a positive effect on your health. According to research, it can make you feel relaxed and calm, and improve your general well-being, as compared to living in an urban neighborhood. With a serene and spectacular scenery to wake up to everyday and a heightened sense of privacy, waterfront properties hold a certain appeal among homebuyers looking for properties around Cape Coral.   On the other hand, before buying a waterfront property, certain questions must be asked to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transaction. Notable real estate brokers can help you find answers to the following:   Will the land extend to the water’s edge?   It’s important to know everything about the property you are interested in, including its legal property description and boundaries. In this case, seeking the help of a lawyer or broker can be of great help in determining whether others also have rights in using the water’s edge. In places like Cape Coral, particularly, where yachts might be docked, it is important to… Continue Reading