Some people are concerned about being “tied up” with a realtor listing agreement because they think if a buyer contacts them directly while the property is listed they have to wait for the listing to expire before they can sell to that buyer.

At Cape Shore Realty that is not the case. We know lot sellers get all kinds of solicitations to sell their lot and if you are contacted by a legitimate buyer we want you to sell to them.

We don’t want our listing agreement to stand in the way of a sale.  So during the listing term, if you are contacted by anyone with an interest in your lot, simply give us the contact information for the prospective buyer and we will check them  out to make sure they are a  “real” buyer ready, willing and able to perform.

If he checks out and we make a deal, we will reduce our commission to only 2% and we will handle all the details just like a normal transaction. How easy is that?

Our goal is to market your property to the most buyers possible and get the best price we can. We do whatever it takes.  Our Listing Agreement is a simple one page agreement that is easy to understand with no hidden content or fees. To see our listing agreement send request below.