Study Finds Waterfront Residential Lots for Sale Have Doubled in Value

Compared to the exhaust smoke, noise, and rush of typical city life, the sight of clear water, tall trees, and unfiltered sunlight offered by a waterfront property is paradise. Waterfront residential lots for sale have always been near the top of real estate listings, and a recent study by has found that these homes have remained more valuable than their landlocked counterparts. An article from My San Antonio provided more details:

Waterfront Homes

What they found is that the value of waterfront is now twice as much as other homes. Two decades ago, waterfront properties were worth 64 percent more than others, today they are worth 116 percent more, according to Zillow.


“Using Zillow’s database of more than 100 million homes nationwide, we have analyzed the single-family waterfront home market in the United States from 1996 to the present and have a developed a unique home value index for waterfront homes, nationally and the city-level.”

In addition, the study has uncovered that the least expensive waterfront homes in the United States can be found in the Florida and the Midwest. This spells good news for those looking to buy residential lots in sunny Florida where they can enjoy being close to the water without the crippling prices that other locations offer.

Cape Coral, one of Florida’s gems, is a great example of the timeless attraction of waterfront properties. Its proximity to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, combined with its lush forests and temperate climate, makes it the perfect setting for group or solitary outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, and many more. Compared to other Florida areas, Cape Coral fuses big-city convenience with secluded tranquility, making it an ideal place for families or individuals who want to slow down from the breakneck pace of urban living.

The prime nature of waterfront properties can daunt potential buyers, but companies such as Cape Coral Lots can make it easy for people to get a slice of the waterfront life. Prospective owners can also search for residential lot loans to make financing simple for their new homes.

Waterfront properties are more valuable than ever, and the reasons for these are obvious: Living in a peaceful locale surrounded by gentle waves and green environment will beat congested roads and dirty streets anytime.

(Source: The value of waterfront homes, San Francisco Chronicle, September 19, 2014)