Commercial Area Will Increase the Number of Residential Lots for Sale

Many people are mesmerized by the allure of a waterfront house, making Cape Coral a great place to get one. When talking about day to day living, however, every person also needs to have access to businesses and establishments that make all necessities conveniently available, such as food and drinking water, clothes, and home maintenance supplies. Add these and they will surely attract more people to reside in this city.

City Manager John Szerlag already informed council of investing $50,000 to look into the possibility of a project. Nearby, Four Freedoms Park would act as an anchor for commercial development such as restaurants and shops. 


“Obviously, we have two property owners that own the majority of property along the Bimini Basin,” said Dana Brunett, the city’s director of economic development. “You’d have to have a developer, the property owners and the city realistically come together … to accomplish this project.” Brunett said the project would be an ideal commercial waterfront location, a selling point that draws crowds and one that has not been embraced as it should in a city like the Cape, with its miles of canals and waterfront.

Cape Coral businesses support Bimini basin development

Increased commerce means higher revenues, and large revenues lead to reduced taxes. This in turn makes the cost of living lower. That’s another huge factor when people are browsing through listed residential lots for sale. With more people wanting to live in the city, companies will be developing more residential areas and when quality products or supplies are cheaper, the expenses of building a house will be more cost-friendly.

A commercially developed city also brings another crucial dealmaker to prospective residential buyers – improved healthcare and education. Hospitals and clinics will have funds to support state-of-the-art facilities and schools will have classrooms with quality learning materials as well as fully-equipped laboratories. Proper healthcare is, of course, needed by everyone and parents will definitely choose to raise their son/daughter in a city wherein quality education is easily accessible.

With the right improvements looming over the city, real estate companies like Cape Coral Lots will be listing more affordable residential land for sale as months pass by. Don’t let the perfect spot in this waterfront wonderland slip through your fingers, so talk to the best agents in the area to help you achieve your dream waterfront house today.


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