Choosing Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Lots for a Dream Retirement

More than the fun, relaxation, and other wonders they bring to mind, beaches can be great for your body, too. The fine sand, the salty water, the sun, and even the air of the sea are all rich with healthy ingredients or effects. The various physical activities you can do, such as swimming and surfing, also help you keep a trim figure. Jean Sumner, Boomer Living contributor, describes some of the immense benefits you can enjoy by hitting the beach:

From a scientific point of view, the minerals in the sea air decrease stress and increase a sense of well being. Salt in water preserves the melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin levels in your brain. This helps with fighting off depression or improving your sense of well being.


Water temperature also plays a major role in your emotional health when swimming in ocean water. Cool ocean water in the spring and fall months provides a soothing treatment for your nerves while warmer waters in the summer months relax your muscles, according to Dr. Connie Hernandez and Dr. Marcel Hernandez of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California.


Studies indicate that the minerals contained in the ocean’s water help with arthritis, psoriasis and even depression. Other skin diseases such as rosaeca, eczema and rashes from plant allergies or heat are positively affected by the ocean water.



The power of the sea in uplifting one’s mind and body could be one of the reasons for an increasing demand for Cape Coral waterfront real estate lots. Traditionally, beachside properties are only considered as vacation homes, but more and more people are getting interested in permanently living by the beach. Aside from enjoying those health benefits, boomers and seniors include coastal living in their retirement plans for the peace and quiet it can bring.

Selecting a Serene Retirement Spot

Like any real estate investment, you have key considerations to make in picking the location of your retirement home and the means to secure it. You can work with an experienced broker like Kevin Page from Cape Coral Lots. The expert can help you secure loans for Cape Coral waterfront lands to finance your investment and set your budget.

Once the financial matters are sorted out, a broker like Kevin can help you explore your viable options and find the exact area and land specifications (e.g. privacy of the place, proximity to water, available utilities, neighborhood culture, etc.) that can accommodate your dream home or lifestyle.

(Source: The Ocean’s Healthy Benefits, Boomer Living)