Cape Coral Yacht Club After Hurricane Ian

More than six months post Hurricane Ian and many citizens of Cape Coral are wondering, when will the Cape Coral Yacht Club reopen. A lot has changed very quickly, but there is still a lot of reconstruction that is in the works.

The Cape Coral Yacht Club is an iconic part of the city and has been a place where many residents and visitors spend their time. It is really the only “beach” area in Cape Coral. On a typical day, it is filled with hundreds of citizens enjoying its many amenities. Young children playing in the sand, birthday parties underneath the pavilion, older children swimming at the community pool or fishing off the pier, adults enjoying cocktails at the famous Boat House, and many locals alike having fun on the four tennis courts that are provided.

But this is not the feel at the Yacht Club today. Upon entrance into the area, there is a sign with the words “Beach Closed” and a street barricade completely blocking off the entrance. You are able to make a left, toward the tennis courts, but that too is still closed down. On a normal weekday even, the courts would be filled with local community members filling the parking lots and courts, for some fun time in the sun and exercise, competing against each other in some great matches. Today, the tennis courts are still in shambles, and the parking lot is completely empty.

We are looking forward to seeing the plans for redeveloping the Cape Coral Yacht Club. The City is working on creating a new concept with new facilities, more parking, and a clean beach.

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