Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Property: Of Business and Beach Life

Situated on the northern area of Fort Myers and west side of North Fort Myers in South Florida, the town of Cape Coral, known for its extensive shoreline with several beaches, is actually a great area for business and for those who desire a waterfront lifestyle. Aside from its amazing beaches and nearby islands, Cape Coral has approximately 400 miles of canals, which allow residents to dock their boats just beside their homes.

Real Estate Property

People may perceive that living in Cape Coral comes with high expenditures, but it’s actually lower than the national median home value of $178,500, at a recorded median rate of $160,000 during the last quarter of 2014. In addition, its crime rate is 17% below the nationwide average, making it a safe place to live in.

Cape Coral’s Economy

In 2013, Forbes acknowledged Cape Coral as the second “Best City in the Nation for Jobs.” Its economy has seen continued growth due to commercial investment and industrial advancements. Furthermore, the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association’s 2012 Cost of Living Index stated that this city had the third best cost of living nationwide.

Business owners should consider starting, expanding, or relocating to Cape Coral because of Florida’s low corporate income tax rate and lack of personal income tax, making them among the country’s leading pro-business states. These rules aim to encourage continued business evolution to simultaneously improve their economy. Thanks to all these, numerous job opportunities for different industries have become available for the growing population of skilled and educated laborers.

Waterfront Lifestyle

Apart from the business and economic aspect, owning a Cape Coral waterfront real estate property by Cape Coral Lots allows potential homebuyers to enjoy a luxurious waterfront lifestyle at a very reasonable price. Life in Cape Coral is enhanced by all kinds of amenities such as stunning beaches, recreational parks with community activities for all ages, and a pleasant climate all-year long.

With the amazing view that Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale offers, people are also able to look after their well-being, as supported by various psychological studies. Just the sight and sound of the ocean alone has a calming effect on people and improves their sleeping patterns.

With all these benefits laid out before you, it’s clear that you have everything to gain from living in Cape Coral waterfront properties. Let real estate brokers from firms like Cape Coral Lots show you the way and you’ll be living the good life soon enough.


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