Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Living Offers Priceless Benefits

Owning a waterfront property, whether as a primary or secondary residence, is the dream of many Americans. This has led to the fast development of communities in many such areas.

Cape Coral Waterfront

Cape Coral, with its 400 miles of waterfront property, is a good example. The year 2014 saw many large national franchises, such as Culver’s and Starbucks, spring up in the city. Even more is expected in 2015, with the coming of Sam’s Club on Pine Island Road, and the planned arrival of a Super Walmart and a Neighborhood Walmart, for starters.

The rise of waterfront properties should not come as a surprise, given the large number of baby boomers who are now in retirement age, or close to it, looking for the ideal place to spend their golden years in. Waterfront properties are prime choices, not only for retirees, but for everyone else, because of the many benefits they offer.

Appreciating Value

Waterfront properties are generally priced higher, and their value is expected to continue rising. One reason for this is the limited supply—there aren’t a lot of this type of property, so the demand will always be greater.

Compared to other Florida cities, Cape Coral has more waterfront, and therefore has more to supply interested owners. This has made Cape Coral waterfront real estate prices more affordable than those in other areas, like Tampa and Fort Myers. Given the rapid growth and development in the community, however, more buyers are expected to come in, and with the increasing demand comes better value for property owners.

Better Quality of Life

You sleep and wake up to the fresh breeze from the water, you get spectacular sunrise and sunset views every day, and you can spend an idyllic day on the beach anytime you want—nothing can be better than that. Moreover, living near the water gives you countless recreational options, from swimming and diving to fishing and water sports. A waterfront lifestyle is not only fun, but also healthy; and the tranquil atmosphere can also do wonders for your well-being.

Furthermore, governments of waterfront communities make it a point to highlight the leisure benefits of these places, and build and create recreational places that would encourage a relaxed lifestyle.


Good-value Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale has wide spaces that allow owners to fully enjoy their surroundings. Unlike in typical communities away from the water, waterfront properties do not come in close proximity to each other, offering owners better privacy and more room for their personal enjoyment.

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