Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Is One of the Most in Demand Today

Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Is One of the Most in Demand Today

Ask someone what his dream home is, and chances are a piece of Cape Coral waterfront property might be one of his top choices. Having the most canals than any other city in the world, this area is a premier destination for current or future waterfront property owners looking for their new homes.

Look at any business publication that contains lists of the top places to live, work and do business and you’re likely to find Cape Coral in a lot of them.


Major publications such as Forbes, 24/7 Wall Street and others have had a love affair with the city over the past couple years, and that has continued as this week Cape Coral was named one of the top 50 places to live (No. 46) by 24/7 Wall Street as well as one of the fastest growing areas (No. 14), best places to retire and one of the places where the jobs will be by Forbes (No. 3), and best cities for future job growth (No. 6).

Aside from nature’s beauty and tranquility that people experience from living in a waterfront house, what makes Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate so attractive to potential property buyers today

Cape Coral High on many top favorites lists

Neighborhood Safety

Based on FBI reports, Cape Coral is still one of Florida’s safest cities. For 2013, it ranked second among the safest cities with a population of over 150,000 and first for safest against violent crime. This means there are significantly less risks on your life just to walk down the streets and you can sleep at night not worrying too much about someone breaking into your house to bag up all your valuables or do something even worse.

Meeting Peers

Over half of the population here is between 15–64 years old, so new settlers would have no problems finding their own age group to make friends with. From teenagers to adults and seniors, joining a sports team or getting a fishing buddy requires less time and effort.

Leisure Areas

The city is home to numerous recreational areas and parks. There are golf courses, sports complexes and fields, nature parks, yacht clubs, and even art exhibits and cultural venues. People here will not run out of things to do in their spare time.

Among many more reasons, these are all excellent ones to stay in this city. That’s why a lot of Cape Coral waterfront real estate companies, like Cape Coral Lots, are endorsing more and more properties to prospective buyers.

You just need to talk to an established broker that will make the process of acquiring your own dream house convenient and stress-free!


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