Cape Coral Real Estate: Take Advantage of the Sweet Waterfront Prices

A glut of waterfront properties with low prices may encourage you to buy a new place in an area where space might run out fast soon. Lisa Greenberg of FOX4 reports:

Cape Coral Residents living on the water pay less of a premium compared to waterfront homeowners in other big cities, according to a recent study.


This means the difference in price between a non-waterfront home and a home on the water in Cape Coral is much less than in other areas, like Fort Myers, Naples, and Tampa.


If you’re in the hunt for a waterfront home, you should set your sights on Cape Coral.



This is hot news for people wanting to settle in Cape Coral. The Lee County city thrives on water-based lifestyles and a vibrant cultural scene. Some people may say you’re not living the “Cape Coral life” if you’re not hitting the sand all lathered up in sunscreen. If you are on the hunt for some quality Cape Coral real estate, an agent like Mr. Kevin Page of Cape Coral Lots is your man on the ground.

Consultations with the REALTOR® will help shape your preferences for a waterfront property that fits your budget. Greenberg quotes a source as saying that Cape Coral’s 400 miles of waterfront keep the prices down. This has resulted in a lower price difference between waterfront and inland properties in the city, which is just “slightly more than 80 percent.”

It’s another story across the water in Fort Myers, where the variance between the two types is over 110%. Insiders opine that this is a good thing for property seekers who want affordable deals they didn’t know existed in Cape Coral.

A Cape Coral, FL real estate agent such as Mr. Page also has links with lenders and asset managers in the city, a fact that could come into play when you’re looking for a property you can buy on affordable mortgage terms. Some recent computations of properties in the area show that the monthly payments may not break the $1,000 barrier.

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of some hot property picks in the Cape Coral area. A credible real estate agent will help you land that dream property.

(Source: Study shows price difference for waterfront homes is much less in Cape Coral, FOX4, 14 September 2014)