Cape Coral Has the Perfect Place For You

Cape Coral real estate is growing every day and many people are choosing this Southwest Florida city as their next destination or their retirement location. Luckily for those who are interested in purchasing some of the Cape Coral, FL real estate for sale, you will still be able to find properties of great value at a great price. With an abundance of beautiful neighborhoods, you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece of paradise here in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral is a large city, one of the biggest in Southwest Florida, but you might be surprised to discover that there are still plenty of Cape Coral lots for sale where you can build your dream home, especially in northern Cape Coral. Southern Cape Coral is more developed because of the immense network of canals, which makes this area very popular for those who are seeking Cape Coral waterfront real estate. If a canal, riverfront, or lake isn’t your style, Cape Coral offers homes on golf courses, in gated communities, and in developing neighborhoods. The four major quadrants of Cape Coral offer different lifestyles and advantages but there is sure to be a spot for you in one of these areas.

The southeast quadrant of Cape Coral is the oldest section of the city. It’s a very popular area for Cape Coral, Florida real estate. This area is very close to downtown and to the Cape Coral Bridge, allowing for easy access to shopping and to Fort Myers. There are many canals in the southeast area of Cape Coral and as a result there are many beautiful waterfront properties. Older homes are being bought up and transformed into luxurious modern properties or renovated to have all the latest amenities. If you’re looking for Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale, this section might be the one for you.

cape coral lotsWhen it comes to lots for sale, Cape Coral has a section that is constantly growing in popularity, which would be the southwest quadrant of the city. This is the most desirable section of Cape Coral because it has mostly newer homes and is very close to many shopping areas and luxury communities and resorts like Cape Harbour, Marina Village, and Sandoval.

The many Cape Coral waterfront properties that you will find in the southwest section are absolutely stunning and the neighborhoods are all top notch communities. This area is also conveniently located near Fort Myers on Midpoint Bridge and Pine Island Road shopping. If you find yourself in the southwest quadrant of Cape Coral, be sure to check out the Matlacha art galleries for a taste of culture.

The northwest and northeast quadrants of Sarasota aren’t as developed as the rest of the city so if Cape Coral land for sale is your goal, one of these areas might be just what you are looking for. The northwest quadrant combines privacy with convenience. There aren’t as many properties in this area so you can enjoy some peace and quiet but you will still be able to easily access Pine Island Road shopping, Coral Oaks Golf Course, and Punta Gorda.

On the other hand, the northeast quadrant is on the outskirts of the city and some parts of it are well off the beaten path. This area isn’t for everyone, especially if you like to be in the middle of the action or very close to it, but Cape Coral real estate in the northeast section is continuously growing, with new homes and communities popping up every day.

Cape Coral’s diverse neighborhoods will provide a space for every unique individual. Whether you are looking for a luxurious city lifestyle, a serene waterfront oasis, or an opportunity to be part of a growing community, Cape Coral has it all.