Author: Kevin Page

FIRPTA & Foreign Owners in Cape Coral

Unlike other areas of the country, Cape Coral is full of foreign property owners. Some have bought vacant lots that they plan to eventually build a home on and retire in this area. Yet, others have bought the lots for cheap as a long-term investment or quick flip. We also have many foreign clients who… Read more »

New Developments Coming to Cape Coral

We are excited about the new developments coming to Cape Coral. It is the largest city by population in Lee County Florida, and the 8th largest city in Florida. The population in Cape Coral has been steadily increasing by 7% annually over the past 10 years (City of Cape Coral). These increases have attracted a… Read more »

Buying Lots in Cape Coral and SWFL

Buying Lots in Cape Coral

Are you looking to purchase vacant land in Cape Coral or other parts of SWFL? Are you a builder, investor, or looking to build your dream home? If so, there are some important things you need to know when buying lots in Cape Coral and SWFL. We want you to know a few things you… Read more »