Author: Kevin Page

The Timeless Value of Investing in Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate

cape coral waterfront

Spending a few days at a nice place near the coast is always a wonderful prospect. Now imagine owning that place and having access to it all year round. And now, imagine this scenario: You do not only own that nice place, but it’s earning money for you, too. Few would turn down such an… Read more »

Study Finds Waterfront Residential Lots for Sale Have Doubled in Value

Waterfront Homes

Compared to the exhaust smoke, noise, and rush of typical city life, the sight of clear water, tall trees, and unfiltered sunlight offered by a waterfront property is paradise. Waterfront residential lots for sale have always been near the top of real estate listings, and a recent study by has found that these homes… Read more »

Affordable Residential Cape Coral Lots for Sale Are Ripe for Picking

Real Estate Market

Southwest Florida’s economic recovery following the recession might have been slow, but it brings with it a hopeful real estate market. A news feature on the News-Press website posted last November 2, 2014 notes some of the more favorable aspects of the recuperating local realty industry. Of land transactions, the article discusses that previously, buyers… Read more »