Promising Cape Coral Lots for Sale: Find the Right One at Peak Season

March 9, 2015 by: Kevin Page

There are plenty of Cape Coral Lots for Sale due to the fact that Cape Coral is definitely at the top of many property buyers’ wish list when it comes to location. What’s not to love about Cape Coral? It’s a place seamlessly blending business and nature, not to mention its close proximity to Disneyland in Orlando. In fact, home searches in Cape Coral went up by 22 percent above the national average during January and February of 2015, showing that more people are interested in buying a home in this sunny place in Florida. Now that it’s the time of the year again when property buying is at its peak, how will you assure yourself that you’re investing in the right one among the many promising Cape Coral lots for sale? Or better yet, how can you snag that dreamy waterfront lot you’ve always dreamed of owning? The first step is always to prepare, since lack of preparation is one of the biggest mistakes most buyers make. The real estate market is ever changing, and, particularly this season, you have to be competitive if you want to get a piece of property that would best suit your preferences. You can begin your preparations by observing these simple steps. Canvassing Always Works Online listings are always the best place to start when looking for property. With all the listings available over the Internet, however, it could be tempting to completely ditch a personal inspection, and just choose one online, especially since vacant lots tend to all look similar. With demand outstripping supply during this season, it is not advisable to just rely on what you see on your screen, as you could be missing out on opportunities that you can better appreciate in person. There’s always the chance that online photos are not comprehensively representing a piece of property. Gather your Dream Team Expect that the competition in the real estate market will be tight, so it’s best to gather everyone you need when buying one. Aside from reliable real estate agents, such as those from Cape Coral Lots, you’ll also likely need a lawyer and a lender to help you in making a decision, and ultimately, a purchase. Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates Speaking of mortgages, rates remain to be at historically low levels, so take advantage of that. With these low mortgage rates, buying property becomes more affordable than ever, with monthly payments coming out even lower than rentals. This makes this year’s spring season the perfect time to find a great-value Cape Coral land for sale. (Source: 5 Ways to Find Your Dream Home This Spring, The Fiscal Times)...

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Selling Cape Coral Real Estate: Putting Your Best Online Foot Forward

March 4, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Spring always brings along a sense of new beginnings, with trees and flowers abloom once more. Spring is also the time when the real estate market gets active and flourishing once again, particularly in places like Cape Coral. With the state of the economy improving, as shown by the creation of almost three million new jobs in the country in 2014, Cape Coral real estate sales  are poised to thrive once more. To close a profitable deal for lots, lands, and other property, however, it is important to successfully meet the challenges of effectively marketing them. Selling online has become an important part of land and lot marketing, particularly in various listings. Here are a few simple ways to help put your best foot forward when selling a lot online. The Importance of Photographs Pictures are your best friends when it comes to selling a property online. Prospective buyers will appreciate seeing a lot of them to aid in their decision-making. Buyers, residents and businesses alike, would normally want to have a clear picture of a lot’s surroundings to give them an idea on what the neighborhood is like. Developers, for instance, are likely seeking ideas and evaluating properties to come up with a plan for their next project. This means it is not enough to just snap some photos then upload them on online listings. While having a good number of pictures can call buyers’ attention, highlighting the property’s key attributes and showing them at their best will help attract the right buyers. Show off picturesque views, recreational spots, amenities in the area—all the things that can make the property desirable. Making a Good First Impression As they say, first impressions always last. Make your online listing as professional as possible. Proper spelling and grammar, and a good presentation can go a long way. It also helps to post on listings that get good traffic for better chances of being viewed. Working with reputable Cape Coral, Florida real estate brokers, such as those from Cape Coral Lots, will certainly help you achieve all your selling objectives. They can give you pointers on how to highlight the best features, and implement effective marketing strategies for your lot for sale to help connect you with the right buyers. (Source: Online Listings To Sell Land Or Lots: Five Tips To Help Spur A Successful Sale, Lot...

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Buying a Cape Coral Waterfront Property: What Do You Need to Know?

February 26, 2015 by: Kevin Page

There is a certain beauty that can be found in living near a body of water: you’re surrounded by tranquility, and you have the calming sound of the crashing waves to lull you to sleep at night. If it has been your lifelong dream to live near the sea or the lake, why not take the plunge and look among lovely Cape Coral waterfront properties for sale?     It has been proven in studies that living near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans can actually have a positive effect on your health. According to research, it can make you feel relaxed and calm, and improve your general well-being, as compared to living in an urban neighborhood. With a serene and spectacular scenery to wake up to everyday and a heightened sense of privacy, waterfront properties hold a certain appeal among homebuyers looking for properties around Cape Coral.   On the other hand, before buying a waterfront property, certain questions must be asked to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transaction. Notable real estate brokers can help you find answers to the following:   Will the land extend to the water’s edge?   It’s important to know everything about the property you are interested in, including its legal property description and boundaries. In this case, seeking the help of a lawyer or broker can be of great help in determining whether others also have rights in using the water’s edge. In places like Cape Coral, particularly, where yachts might be docked, it is important to know who might be using that part of the land and for what purposes.   What is the state of the water?   Knowing if the nearby body of water is shallow or deep, and even learning about the quality of the water, is necessary if you plan on engaging in recreational activities on the water. It could also help to ask locals to know more about the place, and the kind of leisure activities you can do around the area.   Whom should I talk to?   In acquiring stunning Cape Coral waterfront real estate properties, you should always seek experienced brokers and agents, such as those from Cape Coral Lots, for a smooth process. You may also try talking to a home association’s leader (if there is one), particularly about what to expect after moving.   Don’t hesitate to follow your lifelong dream of living near the water, particularly when there are helpful agents to help you with the whole process.   (Source: Questions To Ask Before Buying A Waterfront Property, Nuwire...

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Buying New Residential Lots for Sale: A Guide for Boomerang Buyers

February 18, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Have you experienced buying a home a few years ago, only to lose it to a foreclosure? It was probably a hard pill to swallow–to lose an investment you so wanted for years. Now, however, you’ve learned your lesson and are better prepared to invest in one of the promising residential lots for sale in Cape Coral.     Buyers with the same experience as yourself are known in the real estate industry as a “boomerang buyer”, or one who has lost a home due to a foreclosure and is now ready to start over by buying a new property. Real estate agents recognize that you’ve been through a difficult time in the past few years, trying to keep the home that you’ve purchased. It may be comforting to note that the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area is the second most eyed location by boomerang buyers, which would imply that it offers plenty of opportunities for a good deal.   Buying a new property after foreclosure, however, takes on a different dimension, as there are a few more factors that can affect your eligibility for a loan and a purchase.   Waiting Period   Most lenders would probably adhere to the three-year waiting period imposed by the Federal Housing Administration before granting you a new loan. However, guidelines might vary among different lenders. The best way to ensure that you’re eligible to obtain a new loan is to wait this period out, which starts when the foreclosure is completed.   Fixing your Credit   The foreclosure of your home might have taken a toll on your credit score. In the absence of other credit history issues, however, a dip in your credit score due to foreclosure is one of the easiest to fix. You can use the waiting period to fix your credit by establishing a history of on-time bills payment. A foreclosure can remain on a credit report for seven years, although its negative impact gradually decreases as time goes by.   Down Payments and Pre-Approval   Some boomerang buyers might not know that a new residential land for sale now requires a down payment. This is something that you need to prepare for. Moreover, it is best to be pre-approved by your lender before you buy a new property, as this better assures the seller of your ability to pay.   Buying a new property after losing the first may be daunting, but keep in mind that a rebound is always possible with the right attitude. Beautiful Cape Coral properties, such as those on the listings of Cape Coral Lots, can be the key to a brighter life ahead.   (Source: 6 Tips for Boomerang Buyers of Homes, Fox...

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Where to Build Your Dream Home? Check Out Cape Coral Lots for Sale

February 10, 2015 by: Kevin Page

A new house on a beautiful lot is a significant investment; for this, you’ll have to choose your lot wisely. Fortunately, there’s always some interesting residential Cape Coral lots for sale that should prove great as an investment property or a nice lot on which to build your dream home. One of the attractions of these residential lots in Cape Coral is that not a few of them are waterfront properties.     Living by the sea or lake or any living body of water has several health benefits. A 2012 study published in the Health and Place Journal shows that those living within a half-mile of a seashore generally feel better physically than those living thirty miles inland. The reasons for this can range from the refreshingly bracing sea air to the fact that living near any clean body of water encourages and attracts water sports activities, or at least, more outdoor exercises, such as walking.   Having a waterfront property provides easy access to water-based recreation, such as sailing and fishing, which would be great for sportsmen and water sports-loving families alike. Waterfront real estate has always been an attractive investment; according to the real estate site,, in the 90s, beachside lots were worth 69 percent more than their inland counterparts. Nowadays, that figure has jumped up to a whopping 119 percent.   With all of these potential advantages, people looking for good real estate should be checking out the available waterfront lots for sale in Cape Coral. If you want to buy a residential lot in the area, you will want to keep a few things in mind. First, consider where you want to build your home. Consider the neighborhood and the community services you will need should you decide to build a home on the lot. For example, if you have children, you will have to look at nearby schools, libraries, and hospitals.   Second, you’ll have to be there to check the lot itself. A photo isn’t enough. You’ll want to walk around the property and get the feel of the place. This gives you a handle on the local conditions and whether the lot itself feels right and secure.   Third, get professional advice. Real estate specialists like Kevin Page, broker-owner of Cape Coral Lots can help locate properties for you that fit your requirements. Experienced realtors can help you throughout the process, from viewing to closing, including the negotiations and paper works in-between. With their assistance, you can have a seaside property in no time at all.   (Source: Living near the beach has its health benefits,...

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