Why You Should Consider Cape Coral Real Estate For Your Next Move

May 6, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Living in a luxurious, waterfront city like Cape Coral, Florida is a dream for many but if you are in the process of changing jobs, retiring, or you are just looking for a new experience, you can achieve your dream of making your home in a tropical paradise by choosing Cape Coral as your next destination. Don’t miss out on the perfect weather and the numerous opportunities for fun that Cape Coral has to offer. From Cape Coral waterfront homes to Cape Coral lots for sale, this Florida city has something that will be just right for you and you will be more than happy to call this gulf side city your home. Ideal Weather All Year Long Ask any current resident of Cape Coral about their favorite aspect of living in this city and almost every one of them will list the weather and temperature at the top of their list. For this reason Cape Coral waterfront real estate is a very popular choice for permanent and seasonal residents alike. Every day is a great day to take the boat out for a spin and enjoy some leisurely fishing or head to the beach and go for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Another huge benefit of life in Cape Coral, especially for the folks from up north, is the permanent summer that is one of southwest Florida’s defining characteristics. You’ll never need to worry about shoveling snow or wearing four layers of clothing again. If you’re looking for Cape Coral land for sale along the coast, you might face some steeper prices since beachfront properties are in high demand but luckily Cape Coral has many beautiful neighborhoods to choose from that are sure to please just about anyone. Does it feel like you’re always looking for something to do on the weekend and coming up short? This is one problem that you’ll never have to face again in Cape Coral. The city boasts of a diverse selection of activities for every lifestyle and owning a piece of Cape Coral, FL real estate is the best way to integrate yourself into the city’s thriving and fun-loving community. With a network of canals running through the city, you can bask in all of Cape Coral’s natural beauty by kayaking, canoeing, or simply observing the abundance of plant and animal life that can be found here. The city is also bursting with high end shopping centers and restaurants to satisfy any palate. Clubs and bars abound for those who enjoy an energetic nightlife. You can quench your thirst for culture with numerous museums, art galleries, and music festivals. It’s no surprise that when it comes to lots for sale, Cape Coral is home to some of the most sought after properties. Whether you’re looking for Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale or something in the heart of downtown, you will find exactly what you need right here in this coastal gem. Find out for yourself why so many people have chosen Cape Coral as their permanent home or their favorite vacation spot and start your search for the perfect piece of Cape Coral real estate for you....

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Cape Coral Waterfront Property Investment—Are you Ready to Buy a Home?

April 17, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Needless to say, buying a home is vastly different from buying other things like clothes and shoes. For the latter, you can buy them impulsively or without much planning, whereas investing in a home requires careful thought and consideration of numerous factors. Most people want to have their own home at some point in their lives, but the question is this: Are you ready to purchase a beautiful Cape Coral waterfront home?   Questions to Ask Yourself In determining whether you’re ready to invest in your own home or not, you must first be able to answer some questions that can guide you through the whole process. First, ask yourself if you already have the financial means to acquire a home, or if you can easily qualify for a home loan. Qualifying for a mortgage means having good credit, a record of paying your bills on time, and having a maximum debt-to-income ratio (43% or less), which is the comparison between your gross monthly income and the minimum payments of all your recurring debts. If you’ve been able to maintain a good track record on your credit history, along with saving enough for the down payment, then you’re on your way to owning your dream waterfront house. Another thing to consider when deciding on buying a home is your lifestyle. Why do you want to move in the first place? For most first-time home buyers, they will want to have a place where they could eventually settle down with their family or live in an area near their office. Whatever the motivation you have in buying a home, these could be useful in narrowing down your final decision when you’re finally choosing among available homes for sale. When Is the Best Time to Buy? After deciding whether you’re ready to invest in a waterfront home, the next thing for you to consider is when to buy a new home. Most people believe that the spring season is usually the best time to buy a new home, given that this is the time when most homes are listed for sale. While spring is an ideal time to buy real estate properties, this is not the only best time to do so. For example, it’s also best to buy homes during Christmas or the holiday season, since there’s less people looking for homes during this period, making it possible for you to get a better deal. If you’ve finally decided to invest in stunning Cape Coral waterfront real estate and you already have a solid timeline, you should also seek help from trusted real estate agents, such as those from Cape Coral Lots, to help you throughout the home buying process. Sources: Are You Ready to Buy a Home?, Realtor.com When is the Best Time to Buy a Home?,...

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Cape Coral Lots for Sale: The Assistance of a Professional is a Must

April 10, 2015 by: Kevin Page

In selling a residential property, the standard route is to tap the services of a professional such as a real estate broker. In the past few years, however, a significant number of owners who have placed their Cape Coral lots for sale did so without the help of an agent. This method is known in the industry as a “for sale by owner” (FSBO) transaction. The reasons for going FSBO can vary, but a common motive is saving money, since the previous owner won’t have to pay a commission for a successful deal.   FSBO has its fair share of popularity among those who are familiar with real estate market values, situations, and indicators. While selling your home at your own time and pace can certainly look like an attractive notion, though, the reality is that the FSBO method works only under a very specific set of conditions, including being as experienced in property sales and marketing responsibilities as the professionals. These factors represent a high knowledge barrier for a majority of homeowners, who are unlikely to be well-versed in the intricacies of the market. Would-be FSBO sellers may not possess the proper mindset to successfully close a transaction. Homeowners who are personally involved in the process face the danger of losing their objectivity due to emotional factors such as sentimental attachments to the properties being sold. A veteran agent such as Kevin Page of Cape Coral Lots can assist clients as a neutral third party, which helps ensure smoother deals and the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. Also, agents know what attracts prospective buyers to certain properties. Their objectivity and experience allow them to examine and point out any changes that need to be made to a home so that it can command a high price and garner positive buzz. In addition, a property sale involves a considerable amount of paperwork and other legal requirements (e.g. seller disclosures, deed transfers, etc.) that need experts to navigate through and complete, lest the former homeowner risk a negligence, fraud, or breach of contract suit. Most importantly, real estate firms possess access to far larger professional networks than any layperson could hope to have. Residential lots for sale in Cape Coral can benefit from these linkages and contacts who can spread the word about properties for grabs, thus enlarging the pool of potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of successful deals. (Source: 8 Reasons Not To Sell Your Home Without An Agent,...

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Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Property: Of Business and Beach Life

March 16, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Situated on the northern area of Fort Myers and west side of North Fort Myers in South Florida, the town of Cape Coral, known for its extensive shoreline with several beaches, is actually a great area for business and for those who desire a waterfront lifestyle. Aside from its amazing beaches and nearby islands, Cape Coral has approximately 400 miles of canals, which allow residents to dock their boats just beside their homes. People may perceive that living in Cape Coral comes with high expenditures, but it’s actually lower than the national median home value of $178,500, at a recorded median rate of $160,000 during the last quarter of 2014. In addition, its crime rate is 17% below the nationwide average, making it a safe place to live in. Cape Coral’s Economy In 2013, Forbes acknowledged Cape Coral as the second “Best City in the Nation for Jobs.” Its economy has seen continued growth due to commercial investment and industrial advancements. Furthermore, the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association’s 2012 Cost of Living Index stated that this city had the third best cost of living nationwide. Business owners should consider starting, expanding, or relocating to Cape Coral because of Florida’s low corporate income tax rate and lack of personal income tax, making them among the country’s leading pro-business states. These rules aim to encourage continued business evolution to simultaneously improve their economy. Thanks to all these, numerous job opportunities for different industries have become available for the growing population of skilled and educated laborers. Waterfront Lifestyle Apart from the business and economic aspect, owning a Cape Coral waterfront real estate property by Cape Coral Lots allows potential homebuyers to enjoy a luxurious waterfront lifestyle at a very reasonable price. Life in Cape Coral is enhanced by all kinds of amenities such as stunning beaches, recreational parks with community activities for all ages, and a pleasant climate all-year long. With the amazing view that Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale offers, people are also able to look after their well-being, as supported by various psychological studies. Just the sight and sound of the ocean alone has a calming effect on people and improves their sleeping patterns. With all these benefits laid out before you, it’s clear that you have everything to gain from living in Cape Coral waterfront properties. Let real estate brokers from firms like Cape Coral Lots show you the way and you’ll be living the good life soon enough.   (Source: Top 10 Reasons for a Cape Coral Business Location,...

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Residential Lot Loans Allow Mortgage Lenders to Assist Home Buyers

March 11, 2015 by: Kevin Page

When people go on holiday, beaches tend to be on their list of places to visit. Most vacationers would check into inns or hotels to use them as a staging point, but those looking for more permanent lodgings in their favorite holiday spot might want to buy a beach house instead. Like other properties, a beach house is definitely an investment, if greater than most due to its larger expenses. Therefore, careful consideration and evaluation of the different factors involved in waterfront residential lots for sale is vital prior to closing a deal. Guidelines for Buying a Waterfront Property When looking for a property, start by doing the necessary research on the preferred area. Familiarize yourself with the entire neighborhood, its nearby establishments (e.g. restaurants, grocery stores, medical facilities), and the distance from the city. Staying in for a few days by renting a place would also ease up the research process, as homebuyers are able to interact with the locals and even their possible neighbors. Remember to consider the area’s safety for your sake and your loved ones. Seeking Professional Assistance Being a huge investment, the expertise of a real estate agent is essential to accomplishing this dream. They can provide information on the preferred location of their client such as the advantages and disadvantages of living in that area, its different weather conditions, its economy, and many more. Aside from a realtor, you should also bring in other real estate experts like home inspectors, surveyors, and contractors since they can easily determine damages requiring repairs and renovations to avoid further damages and additional expenses simultaneously. On the other hand, engineers, land surveyors, and geological inspectors evaluate the shore’s stability along with its surrounding land area for possible erosions, tide levels, and storm surges. Mortgage Lenders Since financing is among a homebuyer’s concerns, having a mortgage lender arrange your preferred residential lot loans can lessen your burden. Remember that there are different loan types too, so you’ll need to consult your mortgage lender to determine the most suitable one for your property. Lastly, be prepared to make the necessary down payment to get things underway.   (Source: What You Need to Know Before Buying A Beach House, Fresh...

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