Cape Coral Lots for Sale: Facts about Financing Every Buyer Must Know

January 13, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Cape Coral Lots for Sale: Facts about Financing that Every Buyer Must Know. When there’s talk of waterfront properties, Florida always rounds out the picture, and as part of the conversation chain reaction, you can’t search for “waterfront real estate in Florida” and not encounter houses for sale in Cape Coral. Still, there are those who want to start from scratch and prefer to buy Cape Coral lots for sale so they will be able to develop the land themselves or bring to life their dream home. If such is the case for you, then you must think about and plan well for financing. Yes, a land and lot loan is something you’ll have to be familiar with and you can begin learning by reading on. Lot and Land: The Significant Differences Though the terms “lot” and “land” are similar, they still have major differences that you need to know. For one, all lots fall under the scope of land, but not all pieces of land can be classified as lots. Basically, lots are properties that are ready for house construction, wherein it has or is close to utilities, such as sewer, gas, electricity, and water. On the other hand, raw land is usually a property that is not yet suitable for building a house and could require more work or preparation. Your choice (between a lot and land for sale) can influence a lender’s decision. In case you do invest in a residential Cape Coral land for sale from established companies like Cape Coral Lots, you ought to know that lenders favor improved property (a lot that’s ready to be built on) over raw land. This is due to the fact that unimproved land is more of a speculative investment. Unless a lender sees great potential and understands that you have immediate plans for improving the property, he’ll most likely reject your loan application, or approve it but you’ll have to prepare for a hefty down payment and high interest rates. Needless to say, as much as possible, people are better of investing in improved lots or land. Facts on Land and Lot Loans At the start of your financing journey, you’ll notice that not too many banks or financial institutions offer land and lot loans, so be prepared to do considerable legwork to find a reliable lender. Take note that some lenders may ask as much as a 50 percent down payment, so you’ll need to be financially set to shell out a huge sum. Finally, several lenders require borrowers to make and sign a statement of intent that they will start constructing on the property before a deadline, and failure to do so could result in the borrower needing to refinance or searching for a new lender. (Source: Land & Lot Loans: The Dirt on Financing Your Property Purchase,...

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Cape Coral Real Estate: Reasons to Live in the Waterfront Wonderland

January 12, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Browsing through Cape Coral real estate for sale? Flicking from one waterfront home to another? There’s no denying that a waterfront property in a popular locale like Cape Coral, Florida is a good investment, but other than the potential growth of the house’s value over time and what it could mean to your finances, you ought to know that life in the so-called “Waterfront Wonderland” may have an even more positive impact on your overall well-being. Water Activities: Paddle, Row, and Swim for Fun Cape Coral is located on the Gulf of Mexico and boasts over 640 km of navigable waterways, making it a city with the most miles of canals in the world. For water-loving individuals, this could mean hours of enjoyable boating and kayaking through lush mangroves. If you invest in a waterfront property from established companies like Cape Coral Lots, going for a nice swim is just a matter of stepping out your door and walking a short distance. Want to take things to the next level? Parasailing, water skiing, and jet skiing can get your heart pumping. Fresh Seafood Daily: Delicious Treats from the Gulf Proximity to the water isn’t only fun and relaxing but quite satiating, what with all the scrumptious, freshly prepared seafood that are readily available in local markets and restaurants. Mouthwatering shrimp, salmon, mussels, clams, and lobster dishes are waiting for you at affordable prices. In fact, studies show that eating seafood at least twice a week is already beneficial to health, wherein seafood is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Hobbyist’s Haven: Something to Do for Everyone After you sign the papers for your Cape Coral Florida real estate investment and officially become a resident of the city, you’ll see that there’s never a dull moment in Cape Coral. There are parks, community theaters, and museums for you to get to know the culture. You can hike scenic trails and if you’re into birdwatching, be on the lookout for eagles, herons, ibises, and other amazing birds. Whether you’re a fan of golf or bicycle motocross, Cape Coral has you covered with its seven golf courses and BMX Motocross competitions at the Strausser BMX Sports Complex. Indeed, waterfront living offers the best of both worlds: relaxation and adventure! (Source: What It’s Like to Live in a Waterfront Home,...

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Choosing Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Lots for a Dream Retirement

December 4, 2014 by: Kevin Page

More than the fun, relaxation, and other wonders they bring to mind, beaches can be great for your body, too. The fine sand, the salty water, the sun, and even the air of the sea are all rich with healthy ingredients or effects. The various physical activities you can do, such as swimming and surfing, also help you keep a trim figure. Jean Sumner, Boomer Living contributor, describes some of the immense benefits you can enjoy by hitting the beach: From a scientific point of view, the minerals in the sea air decrease stress and increase a sense of well being. Salt in water preserves the melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin levels in your brain. This helps with fighting off depression or improving your sense of well being.   Water temperature also plays a major role in your emotional health when swimming in ocean water. Cool ocean water in the spring and fall months provides a soothing treatment for your nerves while warmer waters in the summer months relax your muscles, according to Dr. Connie Hernandez and Dr. Marcel Hernandez of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California.   Studies indicate that the minerals contained in the ocean’s water help with arthritis, psoriasis and even depression. Other skin diseases such as rosaeca, eczema and rashes from plant allergies or heat are positively affected by the ocean water.   The power of the sea in uplifting one’s mind and body could be one of the reasons for an increasing demand for Cape Coral waterfront real estate lots. Traditionally, beachside properties are only considered as vacation homes, but more and more people are getting interested in permanently living by the beach. Aside from enjoying those health benefits, boomers and seniors include coastal living in their retirement plans for the peace and quiet it can bring. Selecting a Serene Retirement Spot Like any real estate investment, you have key considerations to make in picking the location of your retirement home and the means to secure it. You can work with an experienced broker like Kevin Page from Cape Coral Lots. The expert can help you secure loans for Cape Coral waterfront lands to finance your investment and set your budget. Once the financial matters are sorted out, a broker like Kevin can help you explore your viable options and find the exact area and land specifications (e.g. privacy of the place, proximity to water, available utilities, neighborhood culture, etc.) that can accommodate your dream home or lifestyle. (Source: The Ocean’s Healthy Benefits, Boomer...

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Raw Land vs. Residential Lots for Sale: Which Has More Potential?

December 3, 2014 by: Kevin Page

Everyone is well aware that real estate is one of the most sensible investments one can make. Some may wonder, however, if buying undeveloped land is still considered a wise business decision. The staff explains that raw land investment paid off for Walt Disney: But back when Walt Disney was looking for a place to create a larger, roomier version of Anaheim’s Disneyland, Orlando was mostly swampland. So what possessed him to build one of the world’s busiest vacation spots on top of a bog? In a word: Interstates. Where he was going, he needed roads.   He knew he needed to build on the east coast after survey results showed him that a scant two percent of Disneyland visitors traveled from east of the Mississippi. Walt and his associates considered Niagara Falls, but ultimately nixed it because the frigid winters would prevent them from staying open year-round. They decided southeast was the way to go. Of course, it takes a lot of business acumen—not to mention, a lot of foresight and luck—to make sure that buying raw land can work its magic, like it did for Disney. Still, those looking into buying raw land should know that many factors are involved in the purchase. In most cases, buying residential lots for sale has more potential for success because it’s already primed for development, unlike raw land, where property surveys are needed to determine if it’s feasible for home construction. Some people are attracted to buying raw land mostly for financial reasons since it’s cheaper than developed land. Despite the affordability, though, doing so could prove to be a mistake, especially if one signs on the dotted line without evaluating the environmental repercussions of developing the land in the first place. As it may turn out, some raw lands could be part of wetlands or wooded areas that should be preserved for environmental reasons as ordered by local governments. Furthermore, since raw land is undeveloped, it still likely lacks vehicular access to public roads and connections to water and sewer systems. Meanwhile, buying residential land for sale from Cape Coral Lots means people get to purchase land with existing hookups to water and sewer systems. Anyone who invests in real estate hopes that their decision could bring them huge success. These days, when there are plenty of opportunities for real estate investments, one really has to weigh the pros and cons to ensure that they would get their money’s worth. (Source: Why Walt Disney Built a Theme Park on Swampland,...

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Why Buying Empty Cape Coral Lots For Sale Boosts Your Home’s Potential

December 2, 2014 by: Kevin Page

It’s ironic that buying vacant Cape Coral lots for sale somehow requires more spadework than purchasing a pre-existing structure. Demand Media’s Steve Lander writes about how empty lots can become chock-full of investment opportunities, in his article for Global Post: The extra work that you have to put into vacant land to turn it into a livable property is well worth the effort. By buying a piece of vacant land, you get control over where your house will go even if you aren’t ready to build. When you are ready to improve your land, you can improve it in the exact manner you desire, which should give you a better home and save you money. Buy low and sell high An empty lot would definitely cost less than one that isn’t. Forward-thinking buyers select a location they would like to settle or invest in, then buy now while prices are low, direct from owners or through accredited businesses like Cape Coral Lots. This gives them the option to sell later on once the property appreciates, or the opportunity to live there. Just be aware of any zoning rules before you close the deal. Income potential Your new patch of land could actually pay for itself while you hold on to it. Being the landowner, you are entitled to use whatever resources are sitting on your property. For instance, if the lot is wooded and you have no use for the timber, you could sell the rights to harvest it. You could also lease the land to farmers for planting, if it doesn’t violate any zoning or homeowner association rules. Once you’re ready to build on the property, the lease can be cancelled. Best positioning Owners who choose to settle down on lots for sale in Cape Coral have the luxury of building their home exactly the way they want it, instead of spending money to remodel an existing home. They’ll be able to choose the best position for certain rooms in relation to the sunlight and ocean conditions. It’s definitely more work than remodeling, but it’ll all be worth it once you’re all settled in a house that suits your needs to perfection. (Source: “The Advantages of Buying Vacant Land”, The Legal...

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