Buying New Residential Lots for Sale: A Guide for Boomerang Buyers

February 18, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Have you experienced buying a home a few years ago, only to lose it to a foreclosure? It was probably a hard pill to swallow–to lose an investment you so wanted for years. Now, however, you’ve learned your lesson and are better prepared to invest in one of the promising residential lots for sale in Cape Coral.     Buyers with the same experience as yourself are known in the real estate industry as a “boomerang buyer”, or one who has lost a home due to a foreclosure and is now ready to start over by buying a new property. Real estate agents recognize that you’ve been through a difficult time in the past few years, trying to keep the home that you’ve purchased. It may be comforting to note that the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area is the second most eyed location by boomerang buyers, which would imply that it offers plenty of opportunities for a good deal.   Buying a new property after foreclosure, however, takes on a different dimension, as there are a few more factors that can affect your eligibility for a loan and a purchase.   Waiting Period   Most lenders would probably adhere to the three-year waiting period imposed by the Federal Housing Administration before granting you a new loan. However, guidelines might vary among different lenders. The best way to ensure that you’re eligible to obtain a new loan is to wait this period out, which starts when the foreclosure is completed.   Fixing your Credit   The foreclosure of your home might have taken a toll on your credit score. In the absence of other credit history issues, however, a dip in your credit score due to foreclosure is one of the easiest to fix. You can use the waiting period to fix your credit by establishing a history of on-time bills payment. A foreclosure can remain on a credit report for seven years, although its negative impact gradually decreases as time goes by.   Down Payments and Pre-Approval   Some boomerang buyers might not know that a new residential land for sale now requires a down payment. This is something that you need to prepare for. Moreover, it is best to be pre-approved by your lender before you buy a new property, as this better assures the seller of your ability to pay.   Buying a new property after losing the first may be daunting, but keep in mind that a rebound is always possible with the right attitude. Beautiful Cape Coral properties, such as those on the listings of Cape Coral Lots, can be the key to a brighter life ahead.   (Source: 6 Tips for Boomerang Buyers of Homes, Fox...

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Where to Build Your Dream Home? Check Out Cape Coral Lots for Sale

February 10, 2015 by: Kevin Page

A new house on a beautiful lot is a significant investment; for this, you’ll have to choose your lot wisely. Fortunately, there’s always some interesting residential Cape Coral lots for sale that should prove great as an investment property or a nice lot on which to build your dream home. One of the attractions of these residential lots in Cape Coral is that not a few of them are waterfront properties.     Living by the sea or lake or any living body of water has several health benefits. A 2012 study published in the Health and Place Journal shows that those living within a half-mile of a seashore generally feel better physically than those living thirty miles inland. The reasons for this can range from the refreshingly bracing sea air to the fact that living near any clean body of water encourages and attracts water sports activities, or at least, more outdoor exercises, such as walking.   Having a waterfront property provides easy access to water-based recreation, such as sailing and fishing, which would be great for sportsmen and water sports-loving families alike. Waterfront real estate has always been an attractive investment; according to the real estate site,, in the 90s, beachside lots were worth 69 percent more than their inland counterparts. Nowadays, that figure has jumped up to a whopping 119 percent.   With all of these potential advantages, people looking for good real estate should be checking out the available waterfront lots for sale in Cape Coral. If you want to buy a residential lot in the area, you will want to keep a few things in mind. First, consider where you want to build your home. Consider the neighborhood and the community services you will need should you decide to build a home on the lot. For example, if you have children, you will have to look at nearby schools, libraries, and hospitals.   Second, you’ll have to be there to check the lot itself. A photo isn’t enough. You’ll want to walk around the property and get the feel of the place. This gives you a handle on the local conditions and whether the lot itself feels right and secure.   Third, get professional advice. Real estate specialists like Kevin Page, broker-owner of Cape Coral Lots can help locate properties for you that fit your requirements. Experienced realtors can help you throughout the process, from viewing to closing, including the negotiations and paper works in-between. With their assistance, you can have a seaside property in no time at all.   (Source: Living near the beach has its health benefits,...

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Buying or Selling Available Cape Coral Real Estate? Consult an Agent

February 2, 2015 by: Kevin Page

When you’re buying or selling property lots in the Cape Coral area, getting help from experienced Cape Coral real estate agents like Kevin Page of Cape Coral Lots is one of your best option. You are treading on new ground and it’s always wise to have an honest expert to guide you along the way; in the end, you could save yourself some money with good advice and by avoiding costly mistakes.  There are several advantages to having a real estate agent handle your real estate dealings.     First, a real estate agent has connections to the market and to the players involved in the process—banks, closing agents, lawyers—all for the benefit of buyer and seller. For example, when you’re selling valuable Cape Coral, FL real estate, you will need the help of other people like attorneys and contractors. Trying to find the right people on your own can be tiresome; a real estate agent will have a network of capable professionals that he or she would only be too willing to recommend.   Second, your real estate agent would have earned his vast knowledge of the local market and the shifting landscape of the real estate process from long experience and hard work.  Your agent can recommend the right neighborhood according to what you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a property lot with easy access to schools and transportation, your agent should be able to point you to the lot properties that fit your bill. If you’re willing to sit out an investment property, your agent will know the type of properties that will be more valuable in the future.   Third, with your agent, your negotiations will be made easier. Real estate dealings most often come down to negotiations between the buyer and seller. A real estate agent can help negotiate the price that you want while also acting as an evaluator of the offers made to you until a fair deal is reached.   Finally, real estate agents smooth over a lot of the bumps of real estate deals. These usually involve the legal intricacies and the paperwork. You won’t need to worry about them if you have a real estate agent helping you with the deal. Real estate deals require multiple contracts to sign and fees to be paid. Instead of having to run around paying them yourself and having the contract checked, a real estate agent can handle them all for you.   Real estate deals are complicated and can potentially cost you a lot of money. Avoid the risk of making expensive mistakes due to your half-knowledge and poor judgment, by getting yourself an experienced real estate agent to help you.   (Source: The Importance in Having a Professional Real Estate Agent, The Global...

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Cape Coral Waterfront Real Estate Living Offers Priceless Benefits

January 15, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Owning a waterfront property, whether as a primary or secondary residence, is the dream of many Americans. This has led to the fast development of communities in many such areas. Cape Coral, with its 400 miles of waterfront property, is a good example. The year 2014 saw many large national franchises, such as Culver’s and Starbucks, spring up in the city. Even more is expected in 2015, with the coming of Sam’s Club on Pine Island Road, and the planned arrival of a Super Walmart and a Neighborhood Walmart, for starters. The rise of waterfront properties should not come as a surprise, given the large number of baby boomers who are now in retirement age, or close to it, looking for the ideal place to spend their golden years in. Waterfront properties are prime choices, not only for retirees, but for everyone else, because of the many benefits they offer. Appreciating Value Waterfront properties are generally priced higher, and their value is expected to continue rising. One reason for this is the limited supply—there aren’t a lot of this type of property, so the demand will always be greater. Compared to other Florida cities, Cape Coral has more waterfront, and therefore has more to supply interested owners. This has made Cape Coral waterfront real estate prices more affordable than those in other areas, like Tampa and Fort Myers. Given the rapid growth and development in the community, however, more buyers are expected to come in, and with the increasing demand comes better value for property owners. Better Quality of Life You sleep and wake up to the fresh breeze from the water, you get spectacular sunrise and sunset views every day, and you can spend an idyllic day on the beach anytime you want—nothing can be better than that. Moreover, living near the water gives you countless recreational options, from swimming and diving to fishing and water sports. A waterfront lifestyle is not only fun, but also healthy; and the tranquil atmosphere can also do wonders for your well-being. Furthermore, governments of waterfront communities make it a point to highlight the leisure benefits of these places, and build and create recreational places that would encourage a relaxed lifestyle. Privacy Good-value Cape Coral waterfront real estate for sale has wide spaces that allow owners to fully enjoy their surroundings. Unlike in typical communities away from the water, waterfront properties do not come in close proximity to each other, offering owners better privacy and more room for their personal enjoyment. (Source: 2015 holds numerous Cape projects, Cape Coral Daily Breeze, January 2,...

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Cape Coral Residential Lots for Sale Offer Great Investment Potential

January 14, 2015 by: Kevin Page

Things are looking up as far as real estate in Cape Coral is concerned. A report released in December, 2014 showed that home sales have been brisk—so brisk, in fact, that home prices are also going up, to the tune of $44,000 more than the state average. When home prices are up, real estate and investment experts say buyers should consider the next best thing—buying a residential lot to build a home from scratch. While building a home generally entails more cost overall, it becomes the better value option when prices of homes for sale have inflated. There are other reasons why you should consider investing in residential lots for sale. For one, you will have more flexibility in the design and construction of your home, which means you can have a home built exactly, or as close as possible, to how you’ve always wanted it. You can also dictate where within the lot area to build the house, and to what direction. You can have the master’s bedroom facing east, for example, so you can greet the sunrise every morning; or to the south to get more natural light at daytime.  You can position the house such that you will have either a bigger front yard or backyard, as you desire, so long as you conform to the community’s zoning restrictions. A vacant lot will also make a great investment, if you are not ready just yet to build a home. Houses deteriorate, especially if you do not spend on its maintenance over time, so you may not get optimal value at resale. On the other hand, the value of vacant lots tends to appreciate, particularly those located in areas with high growth potential, like Cape Coral. One of the challenges in buying a vacant lot however, is financing. It is generally easier to find a lender for home mortgages than one for land purchases. Financing for vacant lots is more readily available if you can show that you intend to build a home in the foreseeable future, than simply purchase one as an investment. Fortunately, you can rely on the services of real estate brokers like Cape Coral Lots, who can not only lead you to the ideal property, but also help in finding appropriate residential lot loans. Whether you invest in a lot to build a home or as part of your long term portfolio, established brokers can assist in finding the property that will give you the best value for your money, and make your investment worthwhile. (Source: The Advantages of Buying Vacant Land,...

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